10 Things You Don’t Know We Can Do With Easy-Peasy AI

Easy-Peasy AI is an AI content assistant that can help you with a variety of writing tasks, from writing blog posts to creating better resumes and job descriptions. With over 170 templates, Easy-Peasy AI can save you time and improve your writing skills. But did you know that it can do much more than that? Here are 10 things you don’t know we can do with Easy-Peasy AI:

Chat with an AI assistant. Easy-Peasy.AI offers a chat mode, which enables you to engage with an AI assistant named “Marky” in everyday language, powered by GPT-4. With this feature, you can do a variety of tasks: inquire about information, upload PDFs and engage in conversation, request Marky to create AI images, share URLs for summarization or bullet-point conversion, or even seek feedback on your content. It’s a versatile tool for all your AI-powered needs! You have the flexibility to utilize a variety of powerful AI models like GPT-3.5 Turbo, 3.5 Turbo 16k, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32k. Additionally, you can harness the capabilities of Claude Instant and Claude 2. Beyond these options, you have the freedom to adopt a chat persona from a diverse selection of over 100 personas provided by Easy Peasy AI. These include personalities like Socrates, Super Mario, Taylor Swift, Mother Teresa, and many more. Furthermore, if none of these personas suit your needs, you can even create your own by specifying a title, description, and instructions for your custom AI persona. 

Text to speech. This is the latest feature added to Easy Peasy AI lately. You can enter any text and Easy-Peasy.AI will generate a voice recording for you in a few seconds. You can also choose from different AI voices, languages, and accents to suit your preferences. You can use this feature to create voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, or just listen to your content. 

Create Content Calendar. Easy-Peasy.AI can help you create content calendars with AI that will help you plan and organize your content strategy. Just enter the topic you desire and it will generate a content calendar for a year, with monthly and weekly breakdowns for you in seconds. This feature is perfect for creating consistent, relevant, and engaging content that will boost your traffic and conversions.

Transcribe audio files. Easy-Peasy.AI boasts the ability to effortlessly transform audio files into text with remarkable precision and lightning-fast speed. Simply upload your own audio file or paste a YouTube URL, and you have the option to further enhance the transcript by adding punctuation as needed.

Generate Google Sheets and Excel Formula. Easy-Peasy.AI can generate Google Sheets and Excel formulas with AI that will make your spreadsheet work easier and faster. You can enter the formula you want to generate in natural language and Easy-Peasy.AI will generate the corresponding formula for you in seconds. You can also choose the spreadsheet software you are using, such as Google Sheets or Excel, and Easy-Peasy.AI will adjust the syntax accordingly. You can use this feature to perform complex calculations, analyze data, or automate tasks with AI formulas.

Translate to Singlish. Easy-Peasy.AI can translate any text to Singlish, which is a colloquial form of English spoken in Singapore. Singlish is a blend of English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil languages, and it has its own grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. You can enter any text or URL and Easy-Peasy.AI will generate a Singlish version for you in a few seconds. You can use this feature to have fun, learn about Singaporean culture, or communicate with your Singaporean friends. 

Generate images from text. Easy-Peasy AI effortlessly crafts captivating images based on your text input. You have the choice of using one of the random prompts available within the tool or crafting your own unique prompt. You can also refine your prompt using the ‘Improve Prompt’ feature. Next, select your preferred style from the dropdown menu, including options like Digital Art, 3D Rendering, Studio Photography, and more. The AI will then generate an image that closely aligns with your text. Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose the aspect ratio for your image by selecting from the dimension options.

Generate AI art prompt. Easy-Peasy.AI can generate art prompts with AI that will inspire you to create amazing artwork. The prompts are suitable for stable diffusion-based image generators, including Easy-Peasy AI Image Generator. Select Art Prompt Generator, and type the topic you want, it can be just a word and Easy-Peasy.AI will generate a prompt for you that includes details such as subject, theme, color, emotion, and style. You can also use the prompt to generate an image with Easy-Peasy.AI’s graphic art tool. You can use this feature to explore your creativity, practice your skills, or have fun with AI art.

Clone your voice. With Easy-Peasy.AI, you can now clone your voice effortlessly. Just head over to the AI Text-to-Speech feature, choose the “Clone Your Voice” option, and paste any text of your choice. Witness the incredible experience of having the speech output in your very own voice. It’s that simple and astonishing!

Generate YouTube Ideas and script outline. Easy-Peasy AI is your go-to solution for generating YouTube video ideas and scripts quickly and effortlessly. To get started, simply head over to the YouTube Video Ideas Generator. Input a topic or keyword, and watch as it churns out a variety of video concepts for your selection. You can even fine-tune these ideas or generate additional options until you discover the one that perfectly aligns with your vision. Once you’ve settled on your video concept, Easy-Peasy AI’s Video Script Outline Generator comes into play. It empowers you to craft a comprehensive video outline in a matter of seconds. Specify your preferred tone and level of detail, and voila! Your video script will be at your fingertips. You have the flexibility to edit the script or add more information as required.

In conclusion, Easy-Peasy AI has transformed how we use technology, offering many surprising and innovative uses you might not know about. The examples above only touch on what this accessible technology can achieve. By simplifying complex tasks and fitting seamlessly into our lives, Easy-Peasy AI isn’t just a tool – it’s changing the future. So why wait? Embrace the convenience and potential of Easy-Peasy AI to transform your world.

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