Tools [267]

Chat with MARKy

Easily create content by just chatting with AI.

AI Text-to-Speech

Generate audio from text using AI. Supports 30+ languages.

AI Art & Images

Generate stunning images and art with AI. Express ideas. Stand out.

AI Interior Design Generator

Brainstorm interior design ideas at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer.

Custom Generator

Generate custom text for any purpose.

AI Transcription

Transcribe and summarize audios. Generate titles, descriptions and show notes.


Create custom bots for specific purposes.

One Click Article Generation

Generate SEO-friendly articles with one click.

Chat with PDF

Upload files to ask AI any questions about the content.

Brand Voice

Train AI to speak like you. Personalize your content.


Dynamic Template

Generate any template from a single prompt.


Blog Post Workflow

Step-by-step workflow to generate an entire blog post.

Instagram Post Caption

Generate a caption for an Instagram post

Paragraph Writer

Generate paragraphs with the click of a button!

Headline Generator

Generate eye-catching headlines with our AI-powered title generator tool.

Write like a native speaker

Clear, concise and authentic writing that gets your message across effectively.

Paragraph Rewriter

Make your content shine with our easy-to-use content rewriter

Writing Enhancer

Improve your writing with our AI-powered tool

SEO Title and Meta Descriptions

Get your website to the top of the search engines!

Facebook Post Generator

Easily create unique, high-quality posts for your Facebook page - with just one click!

Response Generator

Reply to WhatsApp, Slack or any other message

Email Response Generator

Make your email replies more efficient

Email Generation

Write emails effortlessly in minutes

LinkedIn Post Generator

Get more out of LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Post Generator!

LinkedIn Post Generator V2

Create a narrative Linkedin post

Content Idea Generator

Get inspiration for your next piece of content by generating a huge variety of content ideas

Sentence Generator

Generate sentences with the click of a button!

Bullet Points to Paragraph Converter

Convert your bullet points into a well-structured paragraph!

Clickbait Title Generator

Generate attention-grabbing titles that get clicks!

Instant Blog Post Generator

Generate complete blog posts on any topic in seconds!

Instant Blog Post Generator V2

Generate human-like blog posts on any topic in seconds! Undetectable by 🤖 AI Detectors.


Instant Blog Post Generator V3

Write long, real-time, factual articles with the click of a button. Featured image included.

Ask AI Writer

Generate a text based on your writing request


Generate a text based on your writing request

Landing Page Copy

Generate a landing page copy in seconds

About Us Page Generator

Generate an About Us page for your website

Company Profile Generator

Generate a professional company profile

Sentence Expander

This will make your writing more engaging and interesting to read

Paragraph Expander

Expand your paragraphs to make them more engaging and interesting to read.

Sentence Rewriter

Rewrite your sentences to make them more engaging and interesting to read

Sentence Finisher

Complete your sentences with the help of AI

Paraphrasing Tool

Rephrase any text in a variety of ways

Content Continuer

Takes a piece of text and keeps writing it for you

Bullet Points Generator

Generates bullet points based on the provided text

Content Summarizer

Get the main points of any text in a fraction of the time it would take to read it

Grammar Corrector

Make sure your writing is error-free!

Text Shortener

Shorten your text to the most important parts

Brainstorming Tool

Generate creative solutions and ideas for any problem

Cold Email Generator

Write cold emails that actually work and get responses.

Event Invitation Email

Write a persuasive email to increase attendance at your event

Event Reminder Email Generator

Generate a reminder email for your upcoming event

Event Name Generator

Generate creative and catchy names for your event

Backlink Outreach Email

Write an email to get backlinks from other websites

Follow Up Email Generator

Craft a compelling follow-up email to keep your conversation going

Waitlist Email Generator

Craft a compelling waitlist email to keep your users engaged

Email Subject Line Generator

Generate attention-grabbing email subject lines in seconds!

Personal Statement Generator

Creating Strong, Unique Personal Statements Effortlessly!

Passion Project Generator

Generate a unique and inspiring passion project idea in seconds!

Reference Letter Generator

Generate a personalized reference letter in seconds!

Character Reference Letter Generator

Generate a personalized character reference letter in seconds!

Resume Headline Generator

Get the Job You Want with Our Resume Headline Generator

LinkedIn Bio Generator

With just a few clicks, you can create a custom bio that will help you stand out from the crowd

LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

Stuck writing a recommendation for someone's profile? Use this tool to get started!

LinkedIn Connection Request Message Generator

Craft a personalized connection request on LinkedIn to expand your professional network

LinkedIn Headline Generator

Create the Perfect Professional Headline for Your Profile

Performance Review Generator

Make your performance review process easy with our generator!

Letter Of Recommendation Generator

Generate a Letter of Recommendation in Seconds!

Testimonial & Review Generator

Generate Testimonials & Reviews in Seconds!

Review Response Generator

Write responses to public customer reviews easily!

Press Release Generator

Create Professional Press Releases in Seconds with our Easy-Peasy-to-Use Generator!

Catchy Tagline

Create catchy slogans and taglines for free!

Slogan Generator

Create slogan for your business or product!

Motto Generator

Generate a catchy and meaningful motto for your business or product!

Amazon Product Description (paragraph)

Create Amazon product descriptions that sell!

Amazon Product Features (bullets)

Create key feature and benefit bullet points for Amazon listings under the "about this item" section.

Etsy Product Description Generator

Generate compelling product descriptions for your Etsy listings.

Resume Objective Generator

Create your professional resume objective in seconds

Resume Summary Generator

Create your professional resume summary in seconds

Resume Bullet Point Generator

Generate professional bullet points for your resume in seconds

Resume Skills Generator

Generate a list of skills for your resume

Job Title Generator

Generate professional job titles in seconds

Job Description Generator

Quickly generate job descriptions for any position

Job Summary Generator

Get a strong, attention-grabbing summary

Job Qualifications Generator

Quickly generate job qualifications for any job posting

Job Responsibilities Generator

Quickly generate job responsibilities for any job description

Interview Questions Generator

Make your next interview preparation a breeze

Interview Answers Generator

Generate answers for common interview questions

Interview Feedback Generator

Write Interview Feedback With Ease and Confidence

Job Offer Letter Generator

Generate a professional job offer letter in seconds

Blog Post Title

Generate catchy titles for your blog posts in seconds!

Blog Post Outline

Because writing a blog post is easy when you have a plan!

Blog Post Intro

Get your readers hooked from the very beginning

Blog Post Conclusion

End your blog post with a bang!

Startup Ideas

Generate your next startup idea

Elevator Pitch Generator

Generate a compelling elevator pitch for your startup or business

Agile User Story Generator

Get your product features into the hands of users faster with agile user stories

Acceptance Criteria Generator

Quickly and easily generate acceptance criteria for your next project

JIRA Issue Creator

Create JIRA or any other issue tracker tickets in seconds

Project Timeline Generator

Effortlessly create accurate and efficient timelines that keep your team on the same page.

Project Report Generator

Generate comprehensive project reports with ease.

Executive Summary Generator

Generate concise and effective executive summaries.

Call to Action Generator

Generate compelling CTAs in seconds

AIDA Framework

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Generate a sales copy!

Before-After-Bridge Framework

Before, After, Bridge. Generate marketing copy in seconds!

PAS Framework

Problem-Agitate-Solution. Write Persuasive Copy.

Universal Translator

Accurately translate text between languages with AI

🇸🇬Translate to Singlish

Get your message across in Singlish!

Explain Like I'm Five

Explain a complex or obscure topic in the simplest of terms

Business Name Generator

Generate business names that are both creative and professional!

Unique Value Propositions

Create a statement that clearly tells the benefit of your offer

Unique Selling Propositions

Create a statement that differentiates your product from your competitors

Marketing Plan Generator

Generate a comprehensive marketing plan for your business

Marketing Strategy Generator

Generate a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business

Fill The Gaps

Add contextually relevant text in the middle of existing content

Cornell Notes Generator

Generate structured Cornell notes in seconds!

Chemistry Problem Solver

Assist with chemistry problems and provide solutions

Hypothesis Maker

Generate a hypothesis for your research or project in seconds!

Thesis Statement Generator

Generate a strong thesis statement for your paper

Research Problem Statement Generator

Generate a concise problem statement for your research

YouTube Video Title

Generate catchy titles for your YouTube Videos in seconds!

YouTube Video Description

Make your videos stand out and rank well with great descriptions!

YouTube Video Ideas

Get inspired to make your next YouTube video!

Video Script Outline

Make your next video a hit with a professional script outline!

TikTok Video Captions

Get more likes and views on your TikTok videos!

TikTok Hashtags Generator

Get more TikTok followers and likes

Pinterest Hashtag Generator

Generate popular hashtags for your Pinterest posts!

Essay Outline

Get an essay outline in seconds!

Essay Intro

Get an essay introduction in no time!

Essay Extender

Extend your essay with relevant content!

Question Answerer

Get quick and reliable answers to any questions

About Me Generator

As a creative professional, your bio is one of the first things potential clients will see.

Professional Bio Generator

Generate a professional bio based on your personal and professional information.

Google Ads Headlines

Get more clicks with our Google Ads headlines generator!

Google Ads Descriptions

Get more conversions with our Google Ads Descriptions generator!

Google My Business - Product Description

Generate product or service descriptions for your Google My Business

Google My Business Post

Generate What's New post updates for Google My Business

Facebook Ad Headlines

Create attention-grabbing Facebook Headlines that get results!

Facebook Ads Primary Text

Generate Primary Texts for your Facebook Ads that get more Leads and Sales

Social Media Post Generator

Easily create unique, high-quality posts for your social media pages - with just one click!

SEO Content Brief

Generate SEO content briefs that get results!

Cover Letter Generator

Get the job you want with the perfect cover letter!

Resignation Letter Generator

Write a resignation letter that can help you leave your job on good terms.

Discussion Board Response Generator

Generate high-quality responses for any discussion board topic

Discussion Post Commenter

Generate insightful comments and suggestions for improvement for any discussion post

Discussion Question Generator

Generate engaging discussion questions for any topic

Twitter Post Generator

The easy way to create tweets that get noticed.

Twitter Thread Generator

Never run out of things to tweet about!

Tweet Reply Generator

Reply to any tweet with a unique, high-quality response.

Twitter Bio Generator

Make your Twitter profile stand out with the help of our bio generator

Musician Bio Generator

Create a professional biography for musicians and bands.

Song Idea Generator

If you can't think of a song, we can help!

Song Lyrics Generator

Generate custom songs from an AI

Rap Lyrics Generator

Generate unique rhyming rap lyrics from an AI

Album Title Generator

Let AI Help Create the Perfect Album Title!

Book Title Generator

Generate Unique and Creative Book Titles with AI

Book Summarizer

Summarize any book with the help of AI

Google Sheets & Excel Formula Generator

Write Google Sheets & Excel formulas within seconds with AI

Generate SQL with AI

Translate plain text into SQL

Product Name Generator

Generate product names for your business that your customers will love

Product Description Generator

Create product descriptions that sell!

Product Brochure

Create product brochures that sell!

Customer Case Study Generator

Create case studies that sell!

Sales Script Creator

Generate effective sales scripts to close more deals

Write like Shakespeare

AI Shakespearean text generator

AI Story Generator

Unlock the Magic of Automated Storytelling!

Story Plot Generator

Generate intriguing story plots with AI

Fanfiction Maker

Create your own fanfiction stories with AI

Manuscript Writer

AI-powered tool to assist in writing your manuscript

Poem Title Generator

Creating Poem Title with the Push of a Button!

Poem Generator

Unlock Your Creativity with Our Simple, Powerful Poem Generator!

Quote Generator

Making AI quotes easy - one click away!

AI Joke Generator

Make your friends laugh. Now you can be the life of the party.

Pun Generator

Generate puns that will make everyone laugh.

Greetings & Wishes Generator

Create personalized greetings and wishes in a few simple clicks!

Birthday Card Creator

Generate personalized birthday cards with ease!

Love Letter Generator

Create personalized love letters for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.

Valentine Creator

Craft personalized Valentine's Day messages for your loved ones.

Tinder Bio Generator

Make your Tinder profile stand out with the help of our bio generator

Tinder Response Generator

Generate engaging responses for your Tinder matches

Pick Up Line Generator

Never run out of lines - with our Pick Up Line Generator!

Instagram Bio

Make your Instagram profile stand out with the help of our bio generator

Instagram Reel Captions

Make your Instagram Reels stand out and get more views!

Instagram Reel Ideas

Get ideas for your next Instagram Reel to get more views!

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Get hashtags for your next Instagram Reel to reach more people!

Instagram Threads Post Generator

Generate a content for an Instagram Threads

Content Calendar Generator

Plan your content for social media to reach more people and grow your audience

Podcast Name Generator

Generate podcast names that will help you grow your audience

Podcast Episode Title Generator

Generate podcast episode titles that will help you grow your audience

Podcast Episode Description Generator

Generate podcast episode description that will help you grow your audience

Podcast Show Notes

Create show notes that will help you grow your podcast audience

Podcast Script Generator

Generate scripts for your podcast episodes

Real Estate Listing Generator

Craft compelling real estate listings that promote fast home sales

FAQ Generator

Generate a list of frequently asked questions for your website or app

Active to Passive Voice Converter

Convert Your Text Instantly From Active Voice to Passive or Vice Versa

Writing Prompt Generator

Generate a prompt for ChatGPT or another AI tool to generate a perfect response for your needs

ChatGPT Persona Instructions Generator

Generate ChatGPT instructions to create a persona that will generate responses in a certain style

Art Prompt Generator

Generate prompts for a stable diffusion-based image generators, including Easy-Peasy.AI Image Generator

Image Description Generator

Generate descriptions for images using AI

PDF Summarizer

Summarize PDF documents with ease

Wedding Speech Generator

Generate a speech for your wedding that will impress your guests

Maid of Honor Speech Generator

Generate a heartfelt and memorable maid of honor speech for the wedding

Best Man Speech Generator

Generate a heartfelt and memorable best man speech for the wedding

Wedding Invite Message Generator

Generate a message for your wedding invite that will impress your guests

Birthday Invitation Generator

Generate a unique and personalized birthday invitation

Vision Statement Generator

Generate a vision statement for your company or project that will inspire your team

Mission Statement Generator

Generate a mission statement for your company that will inspire your team

Business Memo Generator

Generate a business memo based on the provided details

OKR Generator

OKR Generator helps you create Key Results for your objectives

Meeting Invite Generator

Generate a meeting invite that you can use in Google Meet, Zoom, or any other video conferencing tool

Metaphor Creator

Generate creative metaphors for your writing

Acronym Generator

Generate an acronym for your company, project, event, or anything else

Newsletter Name Generator

Generate a name for your newsletter that will attract subscribers

Newsletter Generator

Generate a newsletter that will attract subscribers

Business Plan Generator

Generate a business plan for your company that will help you get funding

Business Proposal Generator

Generate a business proposal that will impress your clients

Grant Proposal Generator

Generate a compelling grant proposal for your project

Letter of Request Generator

Generate a formal letter of request for any situation

Lesson Plan Generator

Create a custom lesson plan for your class that will help you teach your students

Homework Assignment Generator

Generate a custom homework assignment for your students

Rubric Generator

Generate a custom rubric for your assignments

Classroom Jeopardy Generator

Generate a custom Classroom Jeopardy game for your students

Worksheet Generator

Create a custom worksheet for your students

IEP Goal Generator

Generate a specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-bound IEP goal for your student

Syllabus Generator

Generate a comprehensive syllabus for your course in minutes

Hook Generator

Create an irresistible hook to grab your reader’s attention

DJ Name Generator

Generate unique and catchy DJ names for your music career.

Band Name Generator

Generate unique and catchy band names for your music career.

Movie Recommender

Get AI-powered movie recommendations based on your favorite movies and TV shows

Grocery List Writer

Generate a grocery list based on your dietary preferences and needs

Recipe Generator

Generate a recipe based on your preferences and ingredients

Lottery Number Generator

Generate a set of random lottery numbers for TOTO, 4D, Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Lotto, and more!

Dialogue Generator

Generate a dialogue based on your inputs

Speech Writer

Generate a compelling speech for any occasion

Thank You Note Generator

Generate a personalized thank you note

Compliment Generator

Generate unique and personalized compliments

Psychotherapy Progress Note Generator

Generate progress notes for tracking and documenting client progress in therapy sessions.

SOAP Note Generator

Generate SOAP notes for tracking and documenting client progress.

DAP Note Generator

Turning Session Shorthand into Structured DAP Notes Seamlessly.

Apology Generator

Generate sincere and thoughtful apologies for any situation.

SOP Generator

Generate Standard Operating Procedures for your business or organization.

Riddle Generator

Generate fun and challenging riddles for all ages.

SMART Goal Generator

Generate SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals.

Workout Plan Generator

Generate a personalized workout plan based on your fitness goals.

Meal Plan Generator

Generate a personalized meal plan based on your dietary preferences.

HTML&CSS Code Generator

Generate HTML and CSS code snippets with ease.

Python Code Generator

Generate Python code snippets with ease.

Regex Generator

Generate regular expressions with ease.

Bedtime Story Generator

Generate soothing bedtime stories for kids.

Lullaby Generator

Generate soothing lullabies for kids.

Character Name Generator

Generate unique character names with ease.

Character Description Generator

Generate detailed descriptions for your characters.

Merge Texts

Combine two separate texts into one cohesive piece.

SWOT Analysis Generator

Generate a SWOT analysis for your business or project.

Conversation Starter Generator

Generate interesting conversation starters.

Announcement Generator

Generate an announcement for your event or news.

Text Tone Analyzer

Analyze the tone of a text.

Headline Analyzer

Check headlines, blog titles, and more for quality and clickability.

Legalese Translator

Helps simplify and explain contract language for non-lawyers.

Text Simplifier

Simplify your text for better understanding.

Letter Generator

Generate letters with ease.

Synopsis Generator

Generate a concise and appealing synopsis.

Roast AI

AI-powered roasting tool. Generate humorous and witty roasts.

AI Scrambler

Rewrites provided text to create an original and natural sounding version.

Career Path Generator

AI-powered tool to suggest potential career paths based on interests and skills.

Study Guide Maker

Generate comprehensive study guides with AI

Sermon Generator

Generate sermons that are inspiring, thought-provoking, and spiritually uplifting.

Rhyme Generator

Effortlessly generate rhymes for your poetry or songwriting.