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Examples of outputs from the ChatGPT Prompt Generator

  • 58 words
    PROMPT: Book review
    Write a review of [Book Title] by [Author] including a brief summary of the plot, your overall impression of the book, and whether or not you would recommend it to others. Additionally, provide examples of specific aspects of the book that either impressed you or fell flat, and describe how the book impacted you emotionally, intellectually, or otherwise.
  • 49 words
    PROMPT: restaurant review
    Write a detailed review of your recent dining experience at [restaurant name]. Discuss the [type of cuisine] menu, atmosphere, service, and overall impression of the restaurant. Mention any standout dishes and highlight areas for improvement, including [specific issue]. Would you recommend this restaurant to others? Why or why not?
  • 111 words
    PROMPT: article generator
    Generate an article using an article generator about [TOPIC]. In the introduction, briefly explain what [TOPIC] is and why it's important or interesting. Next, provide an overview of the most relevant and recent research related to [TOPIC]. Use [ARTICLE GENERATOR TOOL] to craft one or two paragraphs summarizing this research in your own words. Then, provide some examples or case studies that illustrate the key concepts related to [TOPIC]. Use [ARTICLE GENERATOR TOOL] to generate a few sentences that introduce each example and explain how it relates to [TOPIC]. Finally, conclude the article with a summary of the main points and some suggestions for future research or action related to [TOPIC].
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