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Build a custom GPT, embed it on your website or share via URL and let it handle customer support, lead generation, engage with your users, and more.

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Add your data sources, train the AI, customize it to your liking, and add it to your website or share it via public URL.

Multiple Data Sources

Import data from multiple sources to train your chatbot.


Customize your chatbot’s look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design.


Remove Easy-Peasy.AI branding and use your own logo and branding for a seamless chat experience.

80+ Languanges

Chat in over 80 languages with our AI chatbot, making it accessible to a global audience.

Powered by best AI models

Choose from a variety of AI models, including GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3 Opus, Llama and Mixtral and more.


Connect your chatbot to your favorite tools like WhatsApp,Telegram, Line (coming soon), and more.


Your data is hosted on secure servers with robust encryption and access control.

The simplest way to create powerful chatbots in minutes!


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