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Psychotherapy Progress Note Templates & Examples


    John Doe


    Client Name: John Doe
    Date: [Current Date]
    Session Summary: During today's session, John Doe reported that he has been taking his medication as prescribed. He mentioned that he has been consistent with his medication routine and has not missed any doses.

    Goals Achieved: Although there were no specific goals discussed during this session, John Doe's adherence to his medication regimen is a positive step towards managing his health effectively.

    Next Steps: Moving forward, it is important for John Doe to continue taking his medication as prescribed. It is recommended that he maintains a consistent medication routine and promptly reaches out to his healthcare provider if any issues or concerns arise. Additionally, exploring potential side effects or interactions with any other medications or supplements should be considered to ensure his overall well-being. Regular check-ins and appointments with his healthcare provider are also encouraged to monitor his progress and address any further concerns or adjustments that may be needed.


    John Doe


    Client Name: John Doe
    Session Summary: During today's session, John expressed a desire to improve his overall well-being by incorporating meditation, exercise, and healthy eating into his daily routine. We discussed the benefits of these practices, including stress reduction, increased energy levels, and improved mental clarity.

    Goals Achieved: No goals were specifically achieved during today's session, as we primarily focused on establishing a plan for John to begin incorporating meditation, exercise, and healthy eating into his lifestyle.

    Next Steps: Moving forward, John will begin by incorporating short meditation sessions into his daily routine. We discussed different techniques and resources that can help him get started with this practice. Additionally, John will work on developing an exercise routine that includes a combination of cardiovascular activities and strength training. We talked about different types of exercises that he enjoys and how to gradually increase intensity and duration.

    In terms of healthy eating, John expressed a desire to reduce his intake of processed foods and increase his consumption of whole, nutrient-dense foods. We discussed the importance of meal planning, grocery shopping with a focus on whole foods, and mindful eating techniques.

    I encouraged John to start slow and gradually incorporate these changes into his daily life, allowing himself time to adjust and build sustainable habits. We also discussed the potential challenges that may arise and strategies to overcome them, such as finding an accountability partner or seeking support from friends and family.

    Overall, John expressed enthusiasm and motivation to make these positive changes in his life, and I have no doubt that with consistent effort and support, he will be able to achieve his goals of improved well-being.


    John Doe


    Client Name: John Doe
    Date: [current date]
    Session Summary: During today's session, John Doe and I discussed his progress towards his goals and identified the next steps for his therapy.

    Goals Achieved: John Doe has made significant progress towards his goal of managing his anxiety and improving his coping skills. He has successfully implemented the relaxation techniques we discussed in the previous session and reported feeling more in control of his anxiety symptoms. John also shared that he has been able to decrease the frequency and intensity of his panic attacks, which is a positive accomplishment.

    Next Steps: Moving forward, John and I decided to focus on building his self-esteem and addressing his negative self-talk. We discussed the importance of challenging his negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive and realistic ones. John expressed a willingness to try cognitive restructuring techniques and agreed to practice them between sessions. We also decided to explore different strategies for improving his self-confidence, such as setting achievable goals and celebrating small victories.

    In our next session, we plan to review John's progress with implementing cognitive restructuring techniques and discuss any challenges or successes he has encountered. We will also continue to work on building his self-esteem and exploring additional coping mechanisms that he can utilize in times of stress.

    Overall, John's progress has been commendable, and I am confident that with continued therapy and his dedication to implementing the strategies we discuss, he will continue to make positive strides towards his overall mental well-being.


    Discussed client issues with social anxiety.


    The client discussed their struggles with social anxiety during today's session. They expressed feeling overwhelmed in social situations and mentioned that it has been impacting their daily life and relationships.

    The client appeared tense and anxious during the session. They exhibited signs of discomfort when discussing past social interactions and shared that they often avoid social events due to fear of judgment.

    The client is experiencing significant social anxiety that is impacting their overall well-being and functioning. They may benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy to address and challenge their negative thought patterns and behaviors related to social situations.


    • Continue to explore the root causes of the client's social anxiety

    • Implement cognitive-behavioral techniques to challenge negative beliefs and behaviors

    • Provide resources and tools for managing anxiety in social situations

    • Consider referral to a psychiatrist for medication evaluation if deemed necessary

    Next appointment scheduled in one week to monitor progress and discuss coping strategies.

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