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Our AI solution, trained on a broad and diverse set of audio, offers unprecedented robustness and accuracy in speech recognition, reaching human-level proficiency. Whether you need transcription services for meetings, lectures, podcasts, or everyday conversations, our AI has your back.

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Core Features

Indulge in the convenience of effortless transcription. Say adieu to manual transcriptions and language barriers. Get started today!

Human-Level Accuracy.

Our AI harnesses the power of machine learning to provide outstanding speech recognition.

Speaker Detection.

It can distinguish between different speakers with ease, bringing clarity to your transcriptions.

Multilingual Support.

Our AI supports over 38 languages, making it your perfect ally in an increasingly connected world.

Versatile Transcription.

From Zoom meetings and podcasts to lectures and more, our AI has got it covered.

Summarize it.

Need a concise summary? Our AI can distil the gist from hours of conversation.


Your Privacy Matters: We securely process your files, never share them with third parties, and allow you to delete files after usage, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected.

AI Transcription with speakers detection

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