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MARKY is the best ChatGPT alternative, offering the fastest and most accurate real-time web search. Chat with your PDFs, DOCx, CSV, PowerPoint presentations, images, websites, YouTube videos, and more.

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The ultimate AI chat companion powered by GPT-4 technology, offering a personalized and empathetic chat experience that surpasses ChatGPT limitations. With features like public URL fetching, file upload support, a diverse prompt library, and multiple chat personas, MARKY elevates your AI chatbot interaction while ensuring privacy and data protection.

Chat with PDFs, Docs, and more.

Upload your own files and let Marky answer questions based on the content.

Create AI art and images.

Generate images and art with Marky, using the power of AI.

Diverse Prompt Library.

Explore our extensive library of prebuilt prompts, spanning a variety of topics.

Multiple Chat Personas.

Choose from different personas to enhance your chat experience.

Summarize Webpages.

Retrieve any public URL and ask Marky questions about its content.

OpenAI GPT-4, Anthropic Claude 3.

Powered by GPT-4 and Claude 3, Marky is the most advanced AI chatbot in the world.

Additional Features.

Enjoy chat history search, voice input, real-time data, and more exciting features coming soon.


Your Privacy Matters. We securely process your files, never share them with third parties, and allow you to delete files after usage, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected.

Do More Than Just Chat with AI

Easy-Peasy.AI adds much-needed functionality to help you work smarter, and stay more organized with your AI generated content.

All the AI Models

No need to subscribe to all the different AI companies. Easy-Peasy.AI gives you OpenAI ChatGPT, Claude, Google Gemini, Dall-E, Meta AI, Mistral, Stable Diffusion, and more all in one place.

AI models

Chat with PDFs, Websites and other documents

Upload documents or paste links into Chat with MARKY - be it PDFs, Word documents, CSVs, Powerpoint presentations, YouTube videos, web pages, or blog articles for quick summaries and insights using the AI chat interface.

Fetch any public URLs

Chat with your Images

Upload images and utilize GPT-4 Turbo Vision and Claude 3 models for instant analysis, answers, and content generation based on visual cues.

AI Images

Generate AI images effortlessly

Turn ideas into captivating visuals with Easy-Peasy.AI! Effortlessly create stunning AI images (powered by Dall-E 3 and Stable Diffusion) that captivate your audience and set your brand apart.

AI Images

Customizable Prebuilt Prompt Library

Discover our extensive library of prebuilt prompts, covering a wide range of topics. Tailor them to your needs and save your personalized prompts for future conversations. Maximize efficiency and engagement with this versatile feature.

prompt library

Easy-Peasy.AI vs ChatGPT

See how ChatGPT and Easy-Peasy.AI size up side-by-side.


    • Chat Interface
    • GPT-4
    • Claude 3
    • Gemini Pro
    • Mistral AI
    • Prompt Library
    • Real-Time web search
    • Dall-E 3
    • Stable Diffusion XL
    • Audio Transcription
    • Generate Human-Like Voiceovers
    • Image Upscaling
    • Chat with your Images
    • Chat With Your PDF And Docs (PDF, Docx, YouTube, PowerPoint, CSV)
    • Write In Your Brand Voice
    • Auto Prompt Optimizer
    • Team Collaboration
    • Prebuilt Templates (200+ templates)
    • Price (from $5.99/month)


    • Chat Interface
    • GPT-4
    • Real-Time web search
    • Dall-E 3
    • Chat with your Images
    • Chat With Your PDF And Docs (Only PDF)
    • Team Collaboration
    • Price ($20/month)

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