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    Write step-by-step guide how to install Teamviewer on Ubuntu 22

    1. Open a terminal window on your Ubuntu 22 operating system.

    2. Update your package list with “sudo apt-get update”.

    3. Download the Teamviewer repository with “wget”.

    4. Install Teamviewer with “sudo apt-get install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb”.

    5. Once installed, run the Teamviewer application with “teamviewer”.

    6. Enter your user ID and password to authenticate your Teamviewer account and then you can access the remote computer.


    Write happy birthday wishes to a friend in Facebook message


    Happy Birthday to the best friend anyone could ever ask for! May all your wildest dreams and wishes come true! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come!


    Write a Slack message to CEO informing him that Tech Team will start doing incidents reporting so we could learn how the prevent it in future


    Dear CEO,

    This is to inform you that the Tech Team will start doing incidents reporting to learn from our mistakes and prevent them from happening in the future. We believe this is an important step that would help us improve the overall quality of our services and make sure we are able to provide the best experience to our users.

    We look forward to your feedback and approval.

    Best regards,
    Tech Team


    Write toast for Tech Team


    Here's to the tech team--may their achievements always be remarkable, their ideas always be innovative, and their work always be admired. Cheers to the tech team for their dedication and hard work!

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