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Acceptance Criteria Templates & Examples


    Acceptance Criteria

    • User should be able to enter their age and gender in the onboarding form

    • User should be able to select their country of origin from a dropdown menu containing a list of all available countries

    • Upon successful completion of the form, user should be able to be accurately identified and categorized based on their age, gender, and country of origin

    FAQ page

    A. User Stories:

    1. As a user, I want to be able to easily and quickly access an FAQ page with commonly asked questions in an intuitive layout.

    2. As a user, I want the FAQ page to be organized in a logical way that is easy to understand.

    3. As a user, I want to be able to search for answers to specific questions quickly and easily.

    B. Acceptance Criteria:

    1. The FAQ page should be labeled clearly and be easy to find from any page on the website.

    2. The FAQ page should be organized in a logical and intuitive way.

    3. The FAQ page should include an easily accessible search bar to quickly find answers to specific questions.

    4. All questions and answers should be displayed clearly and concisely.

    5. The FAQ page should be navigable using keyboard controls.

    manage mailing list
    1. Users should be able to add, edit, and delete subscribers from the mailing list.

    2. Users should be able to sort the list by email address, name, or any other criteria.

    3. Subscribers should be able to opt in/out of mailing list.

    4. Users should be able to preview emails before sending them out to mailing list.

    5. Users should be able to personalize emails for individual subscribers.

    6. Users should be able to track email opens and clicks.

    7. Users should be able to create dynamic segments and groups based on subscriber profiles.

    8. Users should be able to customize the unsubscribe page.

    9. Users should be able to set and manage automated email campaigns.

    file attachment displays

    Acceptance Criteria:

    1. The file attachment functionality should be able to display all types of files including images, documents, audio, and video files.

    2. The file attachment should be displayed in an appropriate format that is compatible with the specific type of file being attached.

    3. The file attachment should be displayed clearly and be easy to view without any distortion or loss of quality.

    4. The file attachment should be labeled with the appropriate file name and extension, to ensure that users can quickly identify the file type.

    5. The file attachment should be easily accessible, with no significant delay in loading time or difficulty in accessing the file.

    6. The file attachment display should support resizing and scaling to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions.

    7. The file attachment should display the correct file size and any relevant metadata to provide context and additional information.

    8. The file attachment should be easily downloadable or shareable by users, with clear and obvious options for doing so.

    9. The file attachment display should be consistent across different platforms and devices, ensuring that users have a consistent experience regardless of how they access the content.

    10. The file attachment display functionality should be well-documented and tested thoroughly, ensuring that it is reliable and error-free.

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