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Content Calendar Templates & Examples


    AI Conference


    Month: September

    Week 1:

    • Introduction to AI Conference

    • Keynote speakers and session highlights

    • Registration information and discounts

    Week 2:

    • Overview of AI and its importance in various industries

    • Discussion on AI ethics and its impact on society

    • Preview of exhibitors and networking opportunities

    Week 3:

    • AI innovations and latest trends

    • Case studies and success stories of AI implementation

    • Panel discussion on AI and the future of work

    Week 4:

    • Recap of the conference

    • Highlights of the most popular sessions and speakers

    • Post-conference wrap-up and thank you message

    Note: The content calendar can be adjusted based on the actual date and duration of the AI Conference.


    AI Conference


    Week 1: Pre-Conference Promotion

    • Social media posts highlighting keynote speakers and their topics

    • Blog post outlining the benefits of attending an AI conference

    Week 2: Agenda and Speaker Reveals

    • Social media posts announcing additional speakers and their topics

    • Email blast to registered attendees with the full conference schedule

    Week 3: Interactive Sessions and Workshops

    • Social media posts promoting interactive sessions and workshops

    • Blog post featuring a Q&A with one of the workshop leaders

    Week 4: Networking Opportunities

    • Social media posts promoting the networking events and opportunities at the conference

    • Email blast reminding attendees to bring business cards and make connections

    Week 5: Post-Conference Follow-Up

    • Social media posts featuring highlights and photos from the conference

    • Thank you email to attendees with a link to a survey for feedback

    Week 6: Recap and Future Plans

    • Blog post recapping the conference and its success

    • Social media posts teasing the next year's conference and date announcement.


    AI Conference


    Month 1:

    • Week 1: Announcement of AI conference date and location

    • Week 2: Introduction of keynote speakers and their topics

    • Week 3: Call for paper submissions and important deadlines

    • Week 4: Spotlight on sponsors and exhibitors

    Month 2:

    • Week 1: Preview of workshop and tutorial sessions

    • Week 2: Discussion on AI’s impact on the job market and society

    • Week 3: Promotion of networking opportunities and social events

    • Week 4: Highlight on emerging AI technologies and applications

    Month 3:

    • Week 1: Final call for registration and early bird pricing

    • Week 2: Overview of conference schedule and venue information

    • Week 3: Recap of previous year’s conference and testimonials

    • Week 4: Reminders and last-minute details for registered attendees

    Month 4:

    • Week 1: Live updates and coverage of AI conference

    • Week 2: Summaries of keynote speeches and prominent sessions

    • Week 3: Interviews with conference attendees and organizers

    • Week 4: Post-conference recap and overview of next year’s event

    Note: The content calendar may vary depending on the conference’s timing and duration. It is important to keep the content relevant and interesting to the target audience.

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