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Generate a grocery list based on your dietary preferences and needs

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Examples of outputs from the Grocery List Writer

    Grocery List:

    - Apples
    - Bananas
    - Broccoli
    - Carrots
    - Cucumbers
    - Leafy greens (e.g. lettuce, spinach)
    - Bell peppers
    - Tomatoes

    - Chicken breasts
    - Ground beef
    - Salmon
    - Eggs
    - Greek yogurt

    - Milk
    - Cheese

    - Whole wheat bread
    - Brown rice
    - Quinoa
    - Oats

    Canned Goods:
    - Beans (e.g. black beans, chickpeas)
    - Tomato sauce
    - Chicken broth

    Pantry Staples:
    - Olive oil
    - Salt
    - Pepper
    - Garlic
    - Onion

    - Trail mix
    - Yogurt-covered pretzels
    - Dark chocolate

    - Water
    - Green tea

    Please note that this is a general grocery list and can be tailored to suit your specific dietary preferences and needs.
    - Chicken breasts (4)
    - Ground beef (1 lb)
    - Salmon fillets (4)
    - Eggs (1 dozen)

    - Whole wheat bread (1 loaf)
    - Brown rice (2 cups)
    - Quinoa (1 cup)
    - Whole wheat pasta (1 box)

    Fruits and Vegetables:
    - Apples (6)
    - Bananas (4)
    - Spinach (1 bunch)
    - Broccoli (1 head)
    - Carrots (1 bag)
    - Bell peppers (3)
    - Onions (3)
    - Garlic (1 bulb)
    - Tomatoes (4)

    - Milk (1 gallon)
    - Greek yogurt (4 containers)
    - Cheddar cheese (1 block)

    Pantry Staples:
    - Olive oil
    - Salt
    - Pepper
    - Garlic powder
    - Onion powder
    - Cumin
    - Paprika
    - Dried oregano
    - Dried basil
    - Soy sauce
    - Honey
    - Peanut butter

    - Almonds (1 bag)
    - Hummus (1 container)
    - Baby carrots (1 bag)
    - Whole grain crackers (1 box)

    - Water (1 case)
    - Herbal tea (assorted flavors)
    - Sparkling water (assorted flavors)
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