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IEP Goal Templates & Examples

    writing and grammar

    IEP Goal: Capitalization Understanding and Correction
    Student: [Student's Name]
    Grade Level: 2nd Grade
    Subject Area: Writing and Grammar
    Baseline: Current baseline for capitalization corrections: 0/10 work samples

    Goal Statement

    By [date], when presented with sentences containing grammatical errors of incorrectly capitalized proper nouns such as people, pets, and names of places, [student's name] will recognize and correct the capitalization errors in 8 out of 10 work samples, improving from their baseline of 0/10 work samples, over ten consecutive trials, as measured by teacher-recorded assessments.

    Measurable Objective

    • Given a set of 10 sentences containing grammatical errors of incorrectly capitalized proper nouns, [student's name] will recognize and correct capitalization errors in 8 out of 10 work samples, as measured by teacher-recorded assessments.

    • [Student's name] will demonstrate an improvement from their baseline of 0/10 work samples to achieving the desired outcome of 8/10 work samples over ten consecutive trials.

    • The teacher will use a rubric or checklist to assess the accuracy of capitalization corrections, ensuring consistency in scoring.


    • The goal is attainable and reasonable based on [student's name]'s current grade level and expected progress in writing and grammar skills.

    • The goal focuses solely on capitalization of proper nouns, which is a specific aspect of grammar that can be addressed within the student's academic abilities.

    • The measurable objective allows for progression from the current baseline to a more proficient level of 8/10 work samples, indicating appropriate growth.


    • The goal and objective will be implemented and assessed within a specific timeframe, by [date].

    • Progress towards the goal will be monitored and evaluated regularly throughout the specified timeframe.

    • The timeframe ensures a specific period for improvement and allows for necessary adjustments to instruction and support if needed.

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