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KPI Templates & Examples


    Easy-Peasy.AI, AI Content Assistant


    Certainly! Here’s a comprehensive list of KPIs tailored for Easy-Peasy.AI, an AI Content Assistant business:

    1. User Engagement KPIs

    KPI Name: Active Monthly Users (AMU)

    • Description: Measures the number of unique users who actively use the platform each month.

    • Relation to Goals: High user engagement is crucial for retention and growth.

    • Target/Benchmark: Aim for a 10% month-over-month growth in active users.

    KPI Name: Session Duration

    • Description: Tracks the average amount of time a user spends in a single session on the platform.

    • Relation to Goals: Longer session durations indicate higher user engagement and satisfaction.

    • Target/Benchmark: Average session duration of at least 5 minutes.

    KPI Name: User Retention Rate

    • Description: Measures the percentage of users who continue using the platform over a specified period.

    • Relation to Goals: High retention rates are vital for sustainable growth.

    • Target/Benchmark: Maintain a 70% retention rate over 3 months.

    2. Financial KPIs

    KPI Name: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

    • Description: Total recurring revenue generated each month.

    • Relation to Goals: Indicates financial health and growth.

    • Target/Benchmark: Achieve $50,000 in MRR within the first 6 months.

    KPI Name: Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

    • Description: Average revenue generated from a user over the duration of their engagement.

    • Relation to Goals: Higher CLTV suggests effective upselling and customer loyalty.

    • Target/Benchmark: CLTV of $500 per customer.

    KPI Name: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

    • Description: Average cost of acquiring a new customer.

    • Relation to Goals: Lower CAC improves profitability and ROI.

    • Target/Benchmark: CAC of $50.

    3. Product Performance KPIs

    KPI Name: Feature Utilization Rate

    • Description: Measures the percentage of users utilizing key features of the platform.

    • Relation to Goals: High utilization rates indicate that features are valuable to users.

    • Target/Benchmark: 80% of users utilize at least 3 key features.

    KPI Name: Bug Fix Time

    • Description: Average time taken to resolve reported bugs.

    • Relation to Goals: Quick resolution times enhance user experience and satisfaction.

    • Target/Benchmark: Resolve 90% of bugs within 48 hours.

    4. Customer Satisfaction KPIs

    KPI Name: Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    • Description: Measures customer loyalty and satisfaction through likelihood of recommending the product.

    • Relation to Goals: High NPS indicates strong customer satisfaction and potential for word-of-mouth growth.

    • Target/Benchmark: NPS score of 70 or above.

    KPI Name: Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

    • Description: Measures customer satisfaction with a particular interaction or overall experience.

    • Relation to Goals: High CSAT indicates positive user experience.

    • Target/Benchmark: CSAT score of 90% or above.

    5. Marketing KPIs

    KPI Name: Conversion Rate

    • Description: Percentage of visitors who sign up or subscribe to the service.

    • Relation to Goals: Higher conversion rates indicate effective marketing and onboarding processes.

    • Target/Benchmark: 5% conversion rate from free trials to paid subscriptions.

    KPI Name: Website Traffic

    • Description: Measures the number of visitors to the company website.

    • Relation to Goals: Higher website traffic can lead to more signups and revenue.

    • Target/Benchmark: 20% increase in website traffic month-over-month.

    6. Operational KPIs

    KPI Name: Time to Market for New Features

    • Description: Measures the time taken to develop and launch new features.

    • Relation to Goals: Quicker time to market can provide a competitive advantage.

    • Target/Benchmark: Average time to market of 3 months for new features.

    KPI Name: Support Ticket Resolution Time

    • Description: Average time taken to resolve customer support tickets.

    • Relation to Goals: Faster resolution improves customer satisfaction and retention.

    • Target/Benchmark: Resolve 90% of support tickets within 24 hours.

    These KPIs cover various aspects of Easy-Peasy.AI's performance, from user engagement and financial health to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Each KPI is designed to be specific, measurable, relevant, and trackable over time, helping to align efforts with primary business goals.

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