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Peer Review Templates & Examples


    John Doe


    I have had the opportunity to work closely with John Doe on our sales team, and I must say that he excels at closing deals. His strong communication skills and perseverance have truly set him apart in our team. John's ability to effectively convey our product's value proposition to clients and his tenacity in following through with leads have been instrumental in our team's success.

    However, there are areas in which John can further improve. At times, his communication style can come across as rude or brash, which may not always sit well with clients or colleagues. It would be beneficial for John to be mindful of his tone and choice of words in order to maintain positive relationships and professional interactions.

    I believe that with some self-awareness and intentional effort, John can work on refining his communication approach and ensure that he is consistently coming across as professional and respectful. I have no doubt that with his strong work ethic and willingness to learn and grow, John will continue to thrive and make valuable contributions to our team.

    Overall, I commend John for his impressive deal-closing skills and his dedication to achieving results. I am confident that he has the potential to become an even more effective and successful team member with some targeted improvement in his communication style. I look forward to seeing John's growth and continued success in our team.


    John Doe


    I would like to provide a peer review for John Doe, a valued member of our sales team. Overall, John is a strong contributor who consistently closes a significant number of deals. He excels in communication and demonstrates great perseverance in his work. However, there are areas where he could improve to further enhance his performance.

    Key Strengths:
    One of John's key strengths is his excellent communication skills. He effectively conveys information to clients and colleagues, which has helped him to build strong relationships and close deals successfully. Additionally, John's perseverance is commendable. He doesn't give up easily and continues to work towards achieving his sales targets even in challenging situations.

    Areas for Improvement:
    While John's communication skills are a strength, there have been instances where his communication style came across as rude to some team members. It is important for John to be mindful of his tone and approach when interacting with others, as it can impact team dynamics and relationships. I would recommend that John work on improving his emotional intelligence and practice active listening to better understand the perspectives of others.

    Suggestions for Growth:
    To address the feedback on being perceived as rude, John could consider taking part in communication training or workshops that focus on improving interpersonal skills. Additionally, seeking feedback from colleagues on his communication style and actively working on incorporating their suggestions can also be beneficial for John's growth. By focusing on building positive relationships with his team members, John can create a more supportive and collaborative work environment.

    In conclusion, John Doe is a valuable member of our sales team who consistently delivers results. His strengths in communication and perseverance are admirable. By addressing the feedback on his communication style and working on being more mindful of his interactions, John has the potential to further excel in his role. I encourage John to continue leveraging his strengths and actively working on areas for improvement to enhance his overall performance and contribute positively to our team.

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