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    Computer Science


    My journey towards computer science began when I was a high school student. I was always a bright and inquisitive student who was eager to learn. I would devote my spare time to tinkering with the school's computers, taking them apart and putting them back together again. The joy I felt when I figured out how to get them back to their original state was indescribable and I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in computer science.

    Through my studies in high school, I learnt the fundamentals of computer science and developed a fascination for computer hardware and software. This sparked an interest in software engineering and I was excited to learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning and neuroscience. I was also very interested in the possibilities of the internet and the potential of virtual reality in gaming and other applications.

    I graduated high school with excellent grades and set out to pursue my dream of becoming a computer scientist. I was accepted into a prestigious university and have continued to excel ever since. In my first year, I achieved the highest grade in my year and was awarded a scholarship to further my studies. I am currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in computer science and am due to complete my degree at the end of the year.

    Throughout my studies, I have worked hard to gain knowledge and experience in the field. I have participated in hackathons and internships, enhancing my programming and coding capabilities. I have also taken part in research projects and learnt more about the application of computer science in different industries. Every opportunity has given me a chance to explore my passion and develop my skills further.

    Aside from academics, I am also a gifted musician. I have been playing the trumpet for over ten years and have taken part in various competitions and festivals. I have won numerous awards and have performed in many countries across the world. Music has been an important part of my life and I believe that my passion for music has also aided my studies in computer science. The art of music has taught me how to think more critically, how to problem solve, and how to develop solutions to complex challenges.

    My ambition is to become a successful software engineer, developing cutting edge solutions and enhancing user experience. I am particularly interested in researching artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am committed to pursuing a career in computer science and am driven by the idea of utilising technology to make life easier. I am confident that my studies and experiences have equipped me with the required skills and knowledge to make a significant contribution to the field.

    As I move forward with my studies and my career, I am looking forward to developing further skills and knowledge and to continue to challenge myself. I am also eager to contribute to the profound impact of computer science and to play a role in shaping our future.


    Computer Science


    The path that I have taken in life has led me to the pursuit of a degree in Computer Science at a college level. To put it simply, I have a relentless curiosity about computers and all that can be accomplished through them. My curiosity has guided me and my desire to reach higher levels of learning, and I am sure that my journey in Computer Science will be an incredible one.

    During my time in high school, I was able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of computer science by taking part in various extracurricular activities and clubs such as Robotics, Computer Science and the National Honor Society. Through these activities and clubs, I was able to hone my problem-solving skills, which I believe will be essential in my future studies. Additionally, I took part in hackathons and coding competitions, where I was able to gain valuable experience in programming languages such as Java and Python.

    In addition to the skills and knowledge gained from extracurricular activities, I was also able to complete a 6-month internship at a software engineering firm. This experience gave me insight into the world of software engineering, from the nuances of programming to the development of complex systems. In particular, I was able to gain experience with database development, web-based applications, and data analysis. Working in this capacity also allowed me to hone my skills in communication, problem-solving, and project management.

    My future plans are to continue my studies in Computer Science, becoming a well-rounded programmer and software engineer. I plan to specialize in the development of interactive applications and software, as well as explore the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, I intend to take part in research and development projects concerning computer science, and use the knowledge obtained to help build innovative products. My ultimate goal is to become a software engineer in an established company, where I can use my skills and knowledge to help create groundbreaking products.

    Computer Science has always been my passion and being able to pursue this passion at college level is an incredible opportunity. With my knowledge of the fundamentals, my work experience, and my enthusiasm for the field, I feel confident in my ability to excel in this field. I am excited to take part in this journey and am sure that I will make a positive contribution to the community.

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