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    yup, i like his attitude where he asked about what else can he go learn about before joining us as intern


    Thanks for noticing! That's a great sign that he's eager to learn and grow. We should definitely take him on board.


    Hey do you fancy getting lunch one day on East coast? Might invite some other geeks!


    Sure, that sounds like a great idea! I'm free any day next week so let me know when works for you.


    Thank you! That would be cool!

    How big is your team?

    I ask because the thought process in creating certain features and the speed of implementation is awesome!

    Also, it seems that someone on the team understand digital marketing.


    Thank you for the kind words! Our team consists of three people plus we engage with freelancers when needed. We are really proud of our approach to creating certain features and our speed of implementation. We definitely have some great experience in digital marketing as well.


    Thank you for the new information and I didn't check about the affiliate program.

    I did want to write about it on Medium before joining an affiliate program, to try and be authentic (even though some people still believe I'm being paid to write positively about anything)


    Thanks for clarifying, I totally understand your willingness to remain authentic. That's a great attitude to have and I'm sure it will gain you a lot of respect from your readers. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you out.

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