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Rubric Templates & Examples




    Egg Drop Challenge Rubric

    Criteria4 Exemplary3 Proficient2 Developing1 Beginning
    Understanding of ConceptsDemonstrates complete understanding of the scientific and engineering principles behind the challengeDemonstrates mostly complete understanding of the scientific and engineering principlesDemonstrates some understanding of the scientific and engineering principlesDemonstrates little to no understanding of the scientific and engineering principles
    Use of MaterialsCreative and efficient use of given materials to design the egg-protecting containerEffective use of given materials, with some creativity shown in the designSome use of given materials, but design may be ineffective or lacking creativityLittle to no effective use of given materials in the design
    Design and ConstructionContainer is well designed, carefully built, and shows clear thought and planningContainer is well built and shows some thought and planningContainer shows some thought and planning, but may be hastily or sloppily builtContainer shows little thought or planning and is poorly constructed
    Testing and AnalysisSuccessfully tests container from various heights, carefully observing and accurately recording resultsTests container from various heights, with some observation and recording of resultsTests container, but observations may be cursory or inaccurate and recording of results may be incompleteDoes little to no testing or recording of results
    Problem-Solving and ImprovementsShows strong problem-solving skills in making improvements to the design based on testing resultsShows some problem-solving skills and makes some improvements to the designMakes limited improvements to the design and shows minimal problem-solving skillsMakes no improvements to the design and shows no problem-solving skills
    Report and PresentationProvides a well-organized and detailed report, clearly explaining the design, testing, and improvement process. Effectively presents work to the class.Provides a mostly complete report and presents work to the class in a mostly clear and organized wayProvides an incomplete report and/or presents work to the class in a somewhat disorganized wayProvides a poor report and/or presents work to the class in a disorganized way

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