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  • 64 words
    Gypsum is a natural fire retardant because it contains water within its crystals. When these crystals are heated, they release water vapor and lower the temperature around them. This inhibits the progress of the fire, and as long as the gypsum crystals remain intact, the temperature will not rise above 100 degrees. This makes gypsum an ideal material for fireproofing homes and other structures.
  • 165 words
    PROMPT: I visited the crypto event Token2049 in Singapore and met many VCs and entrepreneurs.
    Attending Token2049 in Singapore was a great experience for me. This event was organised to provide a platform for the crypto and blockchain community to come together and discuss the latest developments and trends in the technology. I got to meet many venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world who were eager to learn more about the crypto and blockchain space. I got a chance to network with some of the leading entrepreneurs and investors and gain insights about the industry from them.

    I also had the opportunity to attend various panel discussions and presentations that were focused on various aspects of the blockchain and crypto space. These panels provided valuable insights about the current trends and the future of the technology. Additionally, I got to meet several new startups that are working to solve real-world problems using blockchain technology. Overall, it was a great event that gave me a chance to learn a lot about the industry and meet some incredible people.
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