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    A team led by former Twitter engineers is rethinking how AI can be used to help people process news and information., which entered into private beta over the weekend, is a new startup offering a personalized, “multi-perspective” news reading experience that not only leverages AI to summarize the news, but also aims to do so in a way that fairly compensates authors and publishers — or so is the claim.


    With the rise of online communities and the accessibility of information, new technologies and platforms are rethinking the way we process news and understand various perspectives. A team led by former Twitter engineers has launched, a new startup in private beta that offers a personalized, "multi-perspective" news reading experience. Using AI, it aims to summarize news in a way that fairly compensates authors and publishers.

    One noteworthy instance of an online community that had a significant impact on the news is Reddit's r/WallStreetBets. This community, now listed as a risk factor in Reddit's S-1 filing, coordinated a notable short squeeze on GameStop stock in 2021. This move, driven by over 15 million members, cost hedge funds billions of dollars and highlighted how retail traders have the power to manipulate the prices of low-performing stocks. The group has since dubbed stocks like AMC and Bed Bath & Beyond as “meme stocks,” further revolutionizing the way we understand stock trading.

    Platforms like could potentially help users navigate the complex narratives arising from such online communities, using AI to deliver a more comprehensive understanding of the news landscape.

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