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Art Prompt Templates & Examples


    Linkedin photo portrait


    a professional headshot against a neutral background, in the style of high-key lighting, confident and approachable facial expression, captured with a professional DSLR camera, studio portrait, crisp details, <random>


    a colorful underwater scene with a school of fish, in the style of bold and vibrant hues, captured with a fisheye lens to create a distorted perspective, strong contrasts, dynamic movement, nature-inspired


    a surrealist scene of a giraffe standing on top of a skyscraper, in the style of abstract painting, using bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors, giraffe posing regally, captured with a tilt-shift lens to create a miniature effect, surrealism


    a futuristic cityscape at night, in the style of neon lights and cyberpunk architecture, with a lone figure standing on a rooftop, captured with a tilt-shift lens to create a miniature effect, sci-fi inspired

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