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Poem Templates & Examples


    bold fresh floral design in deep red and purple tones


    In deep red and purple tones,
    A bold fresh floral design,
    Captivates the heart and soul,
    With beauty so divine.

    Each petal a masterpiece,
    Soft and delicate to the touch,
    In a riot of hues,
    That make the heart flutter and blush.

    The deep reds speak of passion,
    The purples of mystery,
    And together they create,
    A sight that's pure poetry.

    It's a celebration of life,
    In all its vibrant hues,
    A testament to the power,
    Of nature's eternal muse.

    So let us all take a moment,
    To bask in its glorious sight,
    And let this bold fresh floral design,
    Fill our hearts with pure delight.


    yellowstone national park


    In Yellowstone National Park,
    Nature's splendor runs rampant and stark,
    Where the earth's forces are unleashed,
    And the bison graze in lands uncreased.

    Geysers spout and hot springs bubble,
    Paint pots boil and mud pots rumble,
    While the river roars through the valley deep,
    And the mountains rise up, mighty and steep.

    An ancient landscape of untold mysteries,
    Where wildlife thrives in its many species,
    From the elusive wolf to the soaring eagle,
    In Yellowstone, nature's power is regal.

    It's a place where one can truly unplug,
    From the hustle and bustle of daily tug,
    And bask in the beauty of this awe-inspiring park,
    Where life's true riches are vivid and stark.

    Yellowstone, a haven for the adventurous soul,
    Where nature's wonders are free to unroll,
    A land where man can find solace and peace,
    And the spirit of the wild can finally release.




    Love is a feeling, so pure and true,
    It makes your heart sing and your soul renew.
    It's the warmth of the sun and the breeze in your hair,
    A feeling so beautiful, it's beyond compare.

    Love is a bond that ties two hearts,
    It's a journey that never departs.
    It's a symphony that plays in your heart,
    A melody that never falls apart.

    Love is a feeling that can make you soar,
    It's the hope that you've been waiting for.
    It's the peace that comes when you're in its embrace,
    A feeling so strong, it cannot be replaced.

    Love is a gift that we all should share,
    It's the light that guides us everywhere.
    It's the joy that fills our hearts each day,
    A feeling so magical, it never fades away.

    So let us celebrate this feeling so grand,
    And cherish it with everything in our hand.
    For love is a treasure that we cannot miss,
    A feeling so divine, it brings eternal bliss.


    wanting him


    Wanting Him

    I long for him with every breath,
    His image burned into my mind.
    His gaze that makes my heart skip a beat,
    His touch that leaves me feeling divine.

    He is the one I constantly think of,
    The one who lingers in my every thought.
    His presence fills my heart with joy,
    The feeling of his arms, the love I sought.

    I yearn for him with every fiber of my being,
    To hold him close and never let him go.
    I want to feel his heartbeat next to mine,
    And whisper sweet nothings in his ear, slow.

    The desire burns deep within me,
    To be with him, to feel his love.
    The thought of life without him,
    Is a fear that I cannot rise above.

    So I'll hold on to this feeling,
    The passion and longing in my heart.
    For he is the one I crave and desire,
    The one who has from the start.

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