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    My friend who works in HR and is afraid of AI

    1. "Look at you, scared that a piece of code might replace you. Don't worry, it's not like AI can replicate your incompetence."

    2. "My friend here is so bad at HR that even AI is afraid of taking his job, because it doesn't want to lower its standards."

    3. "I've heard of people being replaced by machines, but you're the first I've seen trying to be less efficient than one."

    4. "Oh, you're afraid of AI taking your job? Trust me, they're still years away from developing a robot sophisticated enough to make coffee as badly as you do."

    5. "You fear AI, but let's be honest, a chatbot could do your job. It might even add some personality to your department."

    6. "Sweating over AI taking your job? I didn't know they had developed an AI for navigating office politics and taking extended lunch breaks."

    7. "You're afraid an AI might take your job in HR? Mate, a Roomba has more people skills than you."

    8. "I heard you're afraid of AI. But don't worry, it's gonna take at least a few more years before they can develop an AI that's willing to gossip as much as you do."

    9. "You're afraid of AI because you think it'll steal your job. The only thing it will steal is the title of 'Least Productive.'"

    10. "You're worried about AI? The coffee machine accomplishes more in a day than you do in a week, and it doesn't even have to pretend to like people."

    11. "You're in HR and afraid of AI? I'd worry more about a paperclip, it has a better capacity to hold things together than you."

    12. "My friend here is so concerned about AI taking his job that he's forgotten he needs to actually do his job first.

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