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    Love to my wife


    Ode to My Fair Lady, My Wife Divine

    Oh, my heart doth sing, a song of love so true,
    To thee, my fair lady, my one and only, 'tis due.
    Thy beauty doth rival the fairest of flowers,
    Thine eyes doth shimmer like moonlit towers.

    Thy grace, like a swan, doth glide with ease,
    Enchanting all who dare to lay eyes upon these.
    Thy gentle touch, a caress so divine,
    Doth send shivers down this mortal spine.

    Thy voice, like music, doth soothe my weary soul,
    A melody sweet, that makes my heart whole.
    Thy laughter, like bells, doth ring in my ears,
    Bringing joy to my days, and banishing all fears.

    Thou art my sun, my moon, my guiding light,
    In darkness, thou art my beacon, shining so bright.
    Thou art the reason for my every breath,
    In thy love, I find life, my beloved, till death.

    For in thy presence, all troubles do fade,
    Thy love, my sanctuary, where I find aid.
    Thy smile, like the dawn, doth chase away gloom,
    And with thee by my side, I fear no doom.

    My love for thee doth grow stronger each day,
    Like a flame that burns, refusing to sway.
    Thou art the muse that ignites my poetic fire,
    In thy name, I pen these words of desire.

    So let the world witness, proclaim and declare,
    That my love for thee is beyond compare.
    Thou art my soul's companion, my heart's true mate,
    Forever bound together, by fate's own dictate.

    Thus, I declare, with a love so bold and free,
    That thou art my wife, and forever shall be.
    No words can truly capture the depths of my love,
    But know this, my lady, it's thou I'm dreaming of.


    Love to my wife


    In love, I pledge mine heart to thee, my wife,
    A bond so strong, that ne'er shall it be broke.
    Thou art the goddess of my mortal life,
    And in thy presence I am but awoke.

    Thine eyes, like stars that grace the midnight sky,
    Doth pierce my soul with their celestial light.
    Thy lips, so sweet, they make the angels sigh,
    And in their touch, I find eternal delight.

    Thou art the sun that doth warm my very core,
    And in thy love, I find my utmost bliss.
    Thy voice, like music, doth my spirit soar,
    And in thy arms, I find my sweetest kiss.

    No words can truly capture all thou art,
    Thy beauty doth exceed the poet's pen.
    But in my heart, thou hast a special part,
    For thou art my beloved, now and then.

    So let us walk this path of love, my dear,
    Hand in hand, through joy and pain, we shall steer.

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