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Podcast Episode Title Templates & Examples


    Tales of Royalty, Kites, and Beetles: The Untold Stories


    Uncovering the Hidden Histories: Royalty, Kites and Beetles


    Tales of Royalty, Kites, and Beetles: The Untold Stories


    Exploring the Hidden Histories of Royalty, Kites, and Beetles


    This article is about Yahoo and its plans to become more relevant in the tech and media markets. The company is owned by Apollo Global Management and has developed plans to add betting to its Yahoo Sports, build a Bloomberg for retail trading into Yahoo Finance, and partner with Tabula for native advertising across its properties. Tabula has a large reach of 500 million people a day and is known for its chumbucks ads. Yahoo still has a decent amount of active users, with 900 million monthly active users across its properties. Tesla is also mentioned in the article, with their US EV market share set to drop to less than 20% by 2025. Lastly, San Francisco has approved a policy that allows police to use robots as a deadly force option if necessary.


    Reinventing Yahoo: Exploring Apollo's Plans, Tabula's Reach and SF's Controversial Police Robot Policy


    Money FM 89.3 is discussing the topic of entrepreneurship with Kent Till, founder and CEO of Invade. Kent explains that their business is focused on "space content activation", which is essentially re-imagining spaces. He went into entrepreneurship because he wanted to solve a problem and provide a solution. His key to success was the "rinse and repeat" model, which meant to constantly hustle and grind. To help other startups, he created the Somerset Sandbox, which is a program focused on profiling 100 founders in the food, retail, and creative industries. He believes that entrepreneurship is not about flexible hours and working less, but rather about putting in the work to achieve success. Finally, he believes that it is a valuable attribute to bring to full time employment, regardless of whether it is successful or not.Kent, the founder and CEO of Invade, joins the podcast to discuss the “Sandbox Somerset” program he has created for entrepreneurs. The program is designed to condense a lot of information and support into a two-week period, connecting experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs and providing meaningful networking opportunities. The initial program consisted of 100 founders selected by the National Human Council and other organizations, such as the Singapore Retailer Association and Timber. Over a million dollars worth of seed funding was handed out to outstanding business ideas from the 100 youth entrepreneurs. Nominations are now open for the next batch of a hundred youth founders to mentor the next generation. Kent advises entrepreneurs to plan for the worst-case scenario and not get too caught up in the “shiny objects” when they are trying to make decisions. For more information, people can Google “Sandbox Somerset” or visit the website sandboxsamerset.com.


    "Rinsing and Repeating for Success: An Interview with Kent Till and the 'Sandbox Somerset' Program

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